FAQ: The Blood Test
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Q: What is a biomarker?
Q: Should I fast before they draw my blood?
Q: Can we get to the midpoint with all of our biomarkers using nutrition?
Q: What is The BodyBio range and % deviation?

Q: What is a biomarker?

A: The technical term is biomarkers or analytes, components of your blood test that your doctor checks to determine if they are within a normal range. There is also a graph for each analyte on the left side of the Biomarker page that depicts how far each biomarker is from the center providing a visual image of your results.

Q: Should I fast before they draw my blood?

A: Yes. It is recommended that you avoid food and drink for a minimum of 8 hours before you have your blood drawn.
Water and black coffee are permitted.

Q: Can we get to the midpoint with all our biomarkers using nutrition?

A: How quickly we respond is a function of our genetic makeup as well as many other variables including our age, lifestyle and commitment. However, we can all build our nutritional base to a healthier state if we have access to good information such as the BodyBio Wellness Report along with good medical care, good nutrition, and a good lifestyle. Working with doctors around the world, BodyBio has found that there is no better road to health than an optimal diet and the right nutrients that are specific for you.

BodyBio, and many of our doctors, have consistently seen their biomarkers improve and move closer to the midpoint. Getting all of the biomarkers exactly in the middle of the range is challenging, but improving ones health is within the grasp of all. In general, a majority register improvement. Certainly, all who make a strong effort can make significant improvements, especially when working hand in hand with their Health Care Professional. Many of the doctors that use the BodyBio Wellness Report have shared their results with us and have seen very positive improvements. Many will not even start a patient review without the individuals BodyBio Wellness Report in their hand. For a good doctor that sincerely wants to help (and there are a lot of them, thank goodness): nothing equals the reward of watching your patient improve under your care.


Q: What is the BodyBio range and % deviation?

A: The range for Sodium is generally between ~135 and 145 (exact lab numbers may vary). Assume your number is 136. A value of 136 is inside the range which makes it acceptable, but it’s at the low end of normal. 136 may be an acceptable number for sodium using customary medical standards, but not as far as BodyBio is concerned. We want your number to be 140, which is right in the middle of the range between 135 and 145. The BodyBio Report will then suggest nutrients that attempt to move the Sodium biomarker closer to the center.


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