The BodyBio Wellness Report
The Ultimate in Health Care

All Vitamin Therapy is GUESSWORK!

Nobody knows which Ones We Need --- and what’s more ---
Vitamins are Essential --- for each of us --- every day.

The BodyBio Wellness Report is truly a revolutionary
breakthrough in the world of health care.

For the first time ever, you can now uncover what vitamins you need. It may be hard to believe, but No one, that’s right -- Nobody -- not your doctor, your nutritionist, your dietitian --- nobody KNOWS. It’s hard to believe, but it’s all Guesswork. Think about it. While you are reading this info there are people everywhere shopping in all kinds of vitamin shops and health food stores and pharmacies, as well as diligently searching the web --- for supplements. In addition they’re busy shopping for vitamins, not just in the USA, but all over the globe -- and nobody knows which ones they need. Even better – they may even stop a store clerk and ask them for help. Absolutely amazing.

But not anymore. Today, all you need do is to go to and order a Blood Test. Within one business day after placing your order for your Wellness Report, you will get a requisition form e-mailed to you --- print it and take that form to your nearest LabCorp draw station (fasting - no food after 12:00 PM) and they will draw your blood. That’s it --- your done --- finished. Your BodyBio Wellness Report will be e-mailed to you within a few days and it will tell you --- WHAT VITAMINS YOU NEED.

Your blood has all the information BodyBio needs for its computers to tell you which vitamins you need. It couldn’t be simpler, and there is no doctor involved. Your test belongs to you. It’s your property. No one has access to your test without your permission. And, the lab test itself is just a health check (Chem Panel) used world wide. There is no sensitive information in a health check, but anyway, no one has access to it but you.

How it all works.

Basically, it all starts with Medical Research on the internet. That information is available for anyone who’s technically savvy in medical biochemistry; all the research papers are free but only for a short explanation called an Abstract.

For the last 15 years BodyBio has been digging into that research to uncover vital vitamin information which has then been loaded into our computers so that we can tell you what vitamins you need.

Technical Stuff: Your laboratory results are basically a list of biomarkers that are a medical picture of you. They are loaded into the BodyBio computers which are pre-loaded with research from all over the world. Each research study in the BodyBio Library is concerned specifically with each one of the biomarkers and the nutrients that can improve it. The idea is to match a vitamin with a biomarker when research has shown the ability for that vitamin to raise or lower that biomarker. The computer then lists each vitamin you may need when your biomarker is too LOW or too HIGH.

Let’s say you’re Calcium (Ca) and Phosphorus (P) are both low. The computer may then list a nutrient (like hydroxyapetite) to raise your Ca and P. It may also list Boron which aids Ca and bone formation. Your job is to take the supplement/s because it will tend to improve your Ca and P levels which may then show up or your next test (we like to do them yearly). If your Ca and P improve, your next test will show it and that mineral supplement will disappear off your list. It did the job. You don’t need it anymore. What a joy to know WHEN TO STOP taking a vitamin. The BodyBio computer does that for each and every biomarker and vitamin on your lab test.

The goal is to move all of your biomarkers to the center of the lab range, because that’s the healthiest spot for all of us, right smack in the middle. As you improve each of your lab biomarkers you automatically improve your health.

Actually, any technically competent individual or doctor can go on line and do this themselves by duplicating the research searching for those same studies and research reports. However it took BodyBio over 15 years to compile it all with 3 PhDs on staff and a very competent Medical Advisory Board. Those years of work produced the BodyBio Library which houses all the research backup for the Body Bio Wellness Report. It is a huge Data Bank.

After you get your blood drawn, your lab test results are loaded into BodyBio computers and out pops your Report which has a complete list of Vitamins, Minerals, and Essential fatty Acids for you and you alone.

Now you can go shopping for your vitamins.
Just don’t forget to take a copy of your
nutrient list with you.

You can not imagine the benefits of putting in the right pieces that your body has been looking for --- possibly looking for some of them for years. You will not only feel better, you will look better, and what’s more, you will even think better. Working with doctors and their patients worldwide for years, we have found that practically every single person that takes nutrients is ingesting some that are not only useless, some are even harmful --- and they’re taking them day after day.

The benefits of putting in the right nutrients
is nothing short of amazing.

You are unique and your vitamin needs are equally unique – that is exactly what the BodyBio Wellness Report takes care of – your uniqueness. It can’t change your DNA, but if you follow the guidelines, it will crank up the health of every cell in your body because the vitamins that it says you need come from you.

For Example: Your brain is 60% fat, and the medical world has been telling you for years --- actually yelling at the top of their lungs -- Don’t Eat Fat. But listen up – the problem is not too much fat, it’s the balance of fat that’s important.

YES --- we do get too much of the saturated variety --- but actually, we need saturated fat. However, it’s a balancing game. In life it’s all a Balancing Game. We need to find out just what we need to do to achieve Balance. Since our diet tends to lean us towards a preponderance of saturated fat --- the answer is simple. We must make sure we get an adequate amount of --- Un-saturated Fat.

We need both, saturated and un-saturated. The only problem is that most of us have the ability to make quite a bit of saturated fat ourselves, especially if we eat too much carbs and sugar, because the body very efficiently stores the excess carbs and sugars as triglycerides and triglycerides are predominantly saturated fat, which we then stick around our mid-section, or we’re off to the GYM.

The difficulty in the Fat Game is that – we actually have the ability to produce both saturated fat as well as mono-un-saturated fats (the omega 9 variety like olive oil, avocado, etc), but there is no way that we can make the marvelous, healthy, Omega 6 and Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids that we need for optimum health. Plants can make them but we can’t. That’s why they are called Essential. And it is vital that we take sufficient amounts of both the 6s and the 3s. I must add that it’s more important than just saying we need them, it is absolutely imperative that we have enough of both of those Essential Omega 6 and Omega 3 Fatty Acids and in the right ratio to each other.

The necessity of taking the Essential Oils should be repeated again and again. Of all the nutrients on your list, none are more important than the Essential Oils.

Your Report will also tell you exactly what
UN-saturated fats you need to get into balance.

Do you need to adjust your diet – of course - we all do. But it’s awfully nice to know what else we need to do to stay healthy, and the Wellness report will do that as well.

These new findings are so cutting-edge,
even your doctor may not have been informed...

As you adjust your fats, your brain will come back alive because you are now putting in the pieces it needs to function. For good brain function, fish oils are important and your Report will tell you that as well. If you need them It will say in your Report --- eat fish oils.

The key to understanding how fats affect our brain is the simple fact that all nerve signals travel on the membrane of our nerves. All cells have membranes. They’re the skin of all our cells. And guess what those membranes are made of --- you guessed it -- FAT.

That’s how we think and blink and – oh yes – have sex. Everything that goes on is communicated on the membranes of our nerves. Every word we say, every action we do, requires a FAT TRACK to run on. And the medical world says NO FAT. Remember – Balance is the key to health and your Report will always move you into balance.

Not only will your brain come alive but every cell of your body will respond as well. And – while there are trillions of cells in the body, every organ has their own specialized cells that perform the necessary duties each one is anxious to do --- if they have the right nutrients they need. Look at all the different organs that will benefit from the BodyBio Wellness Report --- the liver, the pancreas, the kidneys, the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, gall bladder, small intestines, large intestines, spleen, appendices, muscles and joints. Each one has specialized cells and each needs the right nutrients to perform.

And every cell in every organ will benefit
from the right nutrients on your list.

The liver is the largest organ in the body. Only the skin is larger. Your liver performs about 400 functions every day to keep you healthy. Some of its jobs include: changing food into nutrients the body needs (the liver makes bile to digest fats); storing fats, sugars, iron and vitamins for later use by the body; removing or chemically changing drugs, alcohol and other substances that may be harmful to the body. But you get the picture --- the liver is really an important organ.

As a detoxifier, the liver protects against adverse effects of a host of chemicals we may run into –- even alcohol. Did you know that the liver is able to grow new cells? It has to be healthy to do that. But you need to know your numbers to be able to do that and ---

Your BodyBio Wellness Report will tell you EXACTLY which supplements you need to keep your liver in shape.

While the liver may regenerate itself, the PANCREAS cannot. This grayish pink organ that sits behind the stomach and next to the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine) has a mighty important job—it secretes insulin and other digestive substances that you can’t live without. Pancreatic juices contain enzymes that break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If you eat too many simple carbohydrates your triglycerides might skyrocket.

The BodyBio Wellness Report will show you
how to Manage Your Lipids Safely Without Drugs.

The KIDNEY’S job is to filter the blood and to produce and excrete urine – and to regulate the concentration of our electrolytes like sodium and potassium and other ions in our body fluids. It’s a marvelous organ that acts like a garbage disposal system. Some of the biomarkers in our blood like BUN and CREATININE tell us when our kidneys are on the blink.

Your BodyBio Wellness Report will automatically show
which Vitamins your KIDNEYS need to shape up.

Other markers that might be used to support a kidney diagnosis include the minerals, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, and chloride and uric acid. All the guidelines and dietary recommendations in your REPORT are especially focused for you and you alone.

After all --- you’re special --- and
your Wellness Report Knows It.

Case Study One
One Marianne decided that she had to lose weight and went on a diet that had zero fat. She ate only a little white meat chicken breast, but mostly salads with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and peppers with white vinegar for several months. She did lose weight, but unfortunately the diet took its toll, as she became severely emaciated and pale, with wrinkled skin, rough as sandpaper, that hung from her body. Her blonde hair looked like it belonged on the end of a broom. Marianne’s cholesterol, white cell and red cell values had dropped sharply in the blood tests from her BodyBio Wellness Report. With proper nutrition and guidance from her registered dietitian, she embarked on a regimen high in essential fatty acids, along with supplements, both of which helped her to regain her health. However, it took more than 6 months to restore the healthy glow to her skin. Our skin and hair really do reflect the health of our cells.

Case Study Two
Mark had a very poor diet, loaded with sugar and junk food. His blood pressure and blood triglycerides both had started to climb. His doctor placed him on blood pressure medication, but it destroyed his love life. The physician ran a BodyBio Wellness Test Report on Mark, and used his recent laboratory work to give him nutritional guidance to get his body back into balance. Leaning on the Wellness Report’s dietary and supplement suggestions, Mark changed his way of living and began eating fresh fruits and vegetables, accompanied by other nutrient dense foods (meat/poultry/fish, seeds/nuts, dairy products, eggs, whole grains, beans, cold pressed natural oils) and he avoided sugar and trans fat. His blood pressure and triglycerides normalized after 2 months, and his doctor weaned him from medication. The fatigue and brain fog that had been with him for years lifted due to the healthy food choices he made (and his love life was better than ever).

Case Study Three
Melody was thrilled to be pregnant with twins, and was careful to eat all the right foods for her babies. She supplemented with essential fatty acids, phosphatidylcholine, electrolytes, trace minerals, and B vitamins. After the birth of the twins, a girl and a boy, when the babies were a month old her little girl began to lose weight and she failed to produce enough milk. Melody wanted so much to breast feed the twins. After her doctor ordered a blood chemistry and CBC, she realized that she was much depleted in nutrients. Being caught up in the joys of motherhood, Melody did not realize that she had changed her diet until she looked at her Wellness Report. While pregnant she ate lots of protein, healthy fats, seeds/nuts, veggies/fruit and took supplements. Somehow during the midnight feedings—and caring for 2 infants—she had begun to live on salads and fruit, and fruit smoothies almost exclusively, and forgot to take her supplements. Armed with knowledge gained from her BodyBio Wellness Report, she immediately began making power drinks with protein and balanced essential fatty acids. She ate meals that had protein and the right kind of fat, along with more vegetables…and she took her supplements. Within one week she had plenty of breast milk for both babies, and her little girl’s weight stabilized and she resumed normal development. The twins, now age 3, are healthy and beautiful, and eat the same type of diet as their mother does, without a fuss.

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