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As of July 2010, the BodyBio Wellness Report became live on the internet. Anyone over 18 can log on to and purchase The BodyBio Wellness Report, that will tell you what vitamins and minerals are specifically matched to you’re blood chemistry. This is an entirely new concept… a giant step in how we think of taking supplements. Nutrition based on information derived from each person’s blood, not from a health article or a questionnaire. This could literally be life changing. Specific nutrients can then become the basis for an intelligent personalized supplement program. You can purchase them anywhere you choose … from your local pharmacy, health food store or, on the web from BodyBio. In essence, it’s based directly on YOU, it’s “YOUR Individual Nutrient List”.

Questions About BodyBio and The BodyBio Wellness Report

Q: Who is BodyBio

A: BodyBio is a nutritional research group with ~ 30 years in the field of nutritional medicine. The ultimate goal from the very beginning was to develop a computerized nutrition program based on an individuals’ blood chemistry which would support doctors and natural care. The finished product became a reality when the research developed by Dr. Patricia Kane’s staff was assembled into a computerized database with a unique patented software program that ultimately became the BodyBio Wellness Report. The first edition was completed in 1995 and subsequently marketed to doctors around the world. However, research is constantly going on around the world, even as you are now reading this. The present version, with a completely new database is constantly being updated. The BodyBio Wellness Report was only available to doctors … until now.

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The Blood Test

Q: What kind of blood test?

A: The Blood Test: The most familiar blood test is a chemistry panel and CBC which looks at various cellular enzymes, electrolytes, blood components, minerals, and lipids. It is a standard medical checkup that every doctor relies on to view a person’s health status. Generally, your doctor reviews your blood test to see if your biomarkers are within an acceptable range.

BodyBio uses the same blood test but interprets it differently, you could say a bit tighter. The goal is the same; we also want your results to be within the acceptable range. However, BodyBio desires each of your numbers to be exactly in the middle of the range since the midpoint is the healthiest number. (see The BodyBio Range and % deviation)

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Getting a BodyBio Wellness Report

Q: Who would typically utilize the BodyBio Wellness Report?

A: Anyone interested in his or her personal health and wellness can benefit from this analysis. Individuals, who typically exercise and take supplements to be healthy, individuals who seek to prevent future problems as well as those dealing with current health related issues. This report will be an invaluable tool to individuals who have just made the commitment to begin a wellness routine and have no idea where to begin. In fact it is hard to envision someone who would not benefit, as each individual in conjunction with their doctor, can now be better able to custom design their wellness program to their own specific bio-chemistry, regardless if their goal is just to feel better or to have a better quality of life. According to the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), 3 out of 5 consumers take supplements on a regular basis. That means that the majority of Americans, 59%, are interested in good personal information in their quest for better health.

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